Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Daisy Trap

This spring-summer is all about prints. Not that we ever tire of them but cool versions of these mundane prints are now doing the rounds. The floral prints that we repeatedly worship every spring-summer have this newly acquired cool factor with the latest to jump onto the bandwagon, 'the daisy print'. From Katy Perry to Vanessa Hudgens, we have witnessed these cool A-listers give this trend a thumbs up when we found them sporting it. Now I am not one for obsessing over celebrity style blindly but if its a trend after my own heart, I am not one to shy away. And thus the story of how I fell prey to the Daisy Trap. I am not exactly of the normcore fashion tribe, but effortless and fashionable are my keywords for a successful outfit. Sometimes, as we learn from Man Repeller, the effortless should look that it comes with a lot of effort. 
I mixed my prints, just like I mix my cereals (Fruit Loops and Chocos, anyone?). How would I choose to describe this outfit? Easy breezy and comfortable. With white platform strappy shoes to give me that extra boost of height (I'm kidding, I'm 5'7"). 
It rained while we shot this look and I'm certain the rain gods and the gods of blogging confided into each other and allowed the pictures to still come out so great. Well along with my photographer Ay, I know we are thankful.

Daisy print vest: Forever 21
Polka dotted skater skirt: River Island
Strappy platform shoes: Zara
Gold and green earrings with stones: Mimco 
Orange cuff: Some accessory store, Australia
Tan sling with leather appliqué flowers: C/O Youshine

I am trying to get into regular patterns of posting interesting outfits with great content for my readers. Is there anything else you would like FTLOFAOT to venture into?
Write in with this and more in the comments.



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