Friday, May 22, 2015

Grace Kelly in the times of the Myntra app

There isn’t exactly a lot that can go wrong with you if you’re born into royalty. But that’s the thing with style, it isn’t your birthright simply by being born with a silver spoon. However, privileged are those who are born with the utmost understanding of fashion and style and not mentioning Grace Kelly in the same sentence would do her injustice. This Princess of Monaco definitely wrote her own fairytale with her impeccable acting career graph and her innate sense of style.

But in this day and age, all your fashion woes are a question away. Just sit back and think, 'what would Grace Kelly do' and the answers would come to you. This absolute looker would definitely have jumped on to the game changer that is the Myntra app for all her sartorial woes. A normal day in the life of this Principessa, would probably go something like this. A day parading around the royal courtyard and tea with the ladies? Worry not, hop on to the Myntra app and your next stylish buy is just a click away. But you cannot possibly compose that perfect Grace Kelly look without the right accompaniments, could you? It’s a good thing then, that the Myntra app takes care of your shoe needs too. But even if Grace needed to get her A-game on for say, something as dynamic as the Academy Awards, there isn’t nothing that a perfectly good shopping app like Myntra couldn’t do, along with her classic string of pearls of course. It’s nigh impossible for Grace to have ever got a foot wrong and in this modern day and age, I feel almost jubilant for the blessing that is technology. Fun, eclectic styles of clothing and accessories that are merely a tap away on your swanky gadgets.

Did I mention, I feel like a modern day Grace Kelly with all these styling options on the cool apps like Myntra, so accessible to me? #ItsPersonal

The cool, minimal Myntra app design totally gets our generation. Definite potential for creating quite a few geek chic princesses. Take a look at a few features I have highlighted for your benefit.

Grace Kelly would be proud of this modern day fairytale.


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