Sunday, May 3, 2015

Where is the style

Style is fluid. Not only does it vary from individual to individual, you also eventually realise that it varies from time to time. I believed I was as sure of what my stand on personal style was, as sure as I am of the fact that we are a nation of slightly weird people celebrating the birth of the Royal baby like it was of the utmost consequence to us. But without taking a detour to what I believe is one of the most over-hyped events of the year, let me quickly get to the point that I am attempting to establish here.

Not every day is about hours of conceivable permutation combinations of clothing before the decision is made. Not every woman is of the belief that style comes with extreme effort. This post is my ode to omnipresent style. The kind that exists in the mundane. The kind that goes ignored by the millions who do not stop to look for it. As a part of my production, I have obviously modelled fully aware of the camera but we have tried to create prototypes for my personal concepts of what, in the large scheme of things could silently, in a subtle manner of sorts, qualify as mundane yet stylish moments. The outfit is very downtown New York, incorporating a cool idea for summer layering yet keeping it nonchalant by slinging the jacket on the shoulder. The tan prairie boots and the delicate gold chain with a fine cotton boxy dress with bare make up give you the idea that the woman believes in comfort and colour without accentuating her appearance too much with any kind of artifice. I have tried to create a contrast of colours and moments. From hints of music to a breakfast on the go. From colours of red and blue against the green palette of the dress and a moment of pure comfort and ease where she decides to put up her hair on the go, sans any mirror, hairbrush et al. It is this that strikes me as the reinforcement of the belief that style is as style does.

Photography courtesy of Jagrati Marwaha, more of whose work you can also find on and

Dress: COS (Spain)
Jacket: Forever 21
Boots: Forever 21
Necklace: c/o Miss Flurrty

Now for a foodie rant. I recently stumbled upon Foodpanda which is a website that essentially gives you the service of ordering take out from the cozy confines of your house in more than hundred cities in India. In the market where food apps and websites are bourgeoning by the minute, Foodpanda struck me as one of its kind mainly because of its cool filters that allow you to specifically look as particularly as 'late night delivery of food'. It also gives you every possible detail from what your minimum order should be to how much time they usually take to deliver. But my favourite part has to be their discount codes and vouchers which are privy to only their users. You can understand why I would be sold on such a concept given that my tales of laziness run all asunder. Have you tried it yet? Share your experience with me.


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  1. The booties!!! <3

    And the impromptu images are sometimes the best!



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