Thursday, November 17, 2016

Music festival dressing with Kanelle

The first edition of EDC India just transpired over the last weekend and if you follow me on instagram then you definitely know about our fabulous 'glamping' experience with Budweiser India and Food Talk India at EDC. Apart from the brews, the musical line up (which was insane, by the way), a very essential component of a successful stint at a music festival is the right look. The power of fashion is insane. Imagine you fall in love with a woman only to realise that she is the kind of a girl who wears floral crowns at music festivals. *barf* That bit of anticlimactic scenario aside, there are definitely a few things you could keep in mind when you create your music festival look.

  1. I rant about this like it's my religion but yeah, it probably is. Be original. Think about what you find fun and work around it. Pick a piece of clothing you love and create a look around it. Never fails.
  2. Stay comfortable. I cannot possible emphasise this enough. Music festivals tend to turn into a breeding ground for insane dancing, singing, head banging and anything else that floats your boat. It is key to wear clothing that is not too tight, allows for movement of arms and legs and does not run the risk of leading to a wardrobe malfunction (unless that is a part of your look of course!).A good idea is to wear distressed shorts, knotted shirts, funky psychedelic tee shirts, maybe tee shirts of your favourite band, fringed denims, vests and jackets to layer. If you must wear a dress then ensure it is not too tight or too short in order to allow for ease of movement.
  3. People tend to forget that it is your feet (and the soles of your shoes) that carry you through a music festival. Avoid heels of any kind even if you feel comfortable in those since most music festivals tend to be held in mushy grounds. Sneakers are probably your best friend or comfortable flat boots, if you may.
  4. Keep your accessories minimal but a statement sling is always a good idea. You could stack up on your wrists too since that kind of a look works well with a music festival's colourful vibe.
  5. And lastly, bring a little bit of madness to your outfit. It could be a randomly slashed teeshirt, a glittery hairband, a scarf. a leather jacket, spiked boots, a metallic sling or anything else that you feel defines your style and carries with it an element of a music festival's madness and colour.
I put together this outfit in association with Kanelle by Kanika Jain whose Fall Winter, 16 collection Blue Jean Baby is truly after my own heart. The half slashed tunic with the geometric foil print, the fringe detailed jacket and the bootcut denims checked all the right boxes when I had to put together my look for Day 1 of EDC India. The techniques used to convert the classic 'ol denim into a piece of apparel more statement and definitely edgier is what makes me love Blue Jean Baby. It helps that the look is roomy, comfortable and gives my love for layering another outlet. Added these dusty rose suede block heels to spew a little colour into the look but of course changed into good old sneakers to go dancing like a mad person.

Photography by: Saumya and Shiva of The Open Art Project


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