Sunday, November 6, 2016

The ides of summer

Every time I sit down to get my outfit and style musings together, my brain tends to go into overdrive with almost everything else of significance around the world. It has been 30 minutes since I started on this piece (wrote the line above basically) and I have managed to read up on the American presidential poll, what the experts have to say about the smoke situation in Delhi, the effects of music on the growth of plants, the fibonacci sequence, you get the drift. 
Style that requires explanation is like a really bad joke: no one cares a hoot about it. Also, bad jokes> trying too hard in an outfit, any day of the week and twice on sundays. Exploring my easy peezy summer fashion vibe, my love for layering and the 50 shades of blue in this outfit. A good way to draw the Indian summer to an end after it has overstayed it's welcome. 
There is always something great to be said about minimalism.

Crop top: Zara
Denim vest: H and M
Pants: Vanilia (Hague, Netherlands)
Boots: Saint G

Photography by: Saumya and Shiva of The Open Art Project


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