Thursday, January 26, 2017

Part Deux: am:pm for FTLOFAOT Bride

My occupational hazards including living the digital life and being clued into almost every interesting and not-so interesting moment that makes it to the internet. This includes the hordes of bridal photographs that make it to your instagram, Facebook and pinterest, day in and day out. If you thought I was cribbing, I must clarify that I am not. If anything, for a year now, it has been serving as a constant source on inspiration/perspiration (I am definitely going to hell) for a bride-to-be like myself. A few months short, I still don't have enough clarity on what I want to wear for my wedding. Honestly, it does not peeve me so. At the risk of sounding like a lovelorn romantic, when it's the right one, you just know. And if my personal taste is anything to go by, a lehenga with substance and the charm of a gazillion centuries bygone and my love for modern renditions will make the cut. Over time and time again, my incessant browsing has led me to the conclusion that meaningless bling or trendy designs just do not cut it for me. It's like when I put on this lehenga by am:pm by Ankur & Priyanka Modi, I instantly felt the character of the lehenga uplift my personality. The blouse is designed to be the perfect modern addition to the dreamy lehenga. I choose that particular adjective to describe it because that is what it succinctly is. The delicate contrasting coloured embroidery in romantic floral patterns brings out the rich velvet surface of the lehenga. The embroidery is accentuated with tiny mirrors and in my mind, this little fiesta of craft and minimalistic charm definitely ticks all the boxes on my list of lehenga expectations. I tried to do justice to this celebration of design and old-world glamour in a dark over-cast night with only the golden glimmer of these statuesque light fixtures.

Photography by: Saumya and Shiva of The Open Art Project
Location c/o: Qla, Mehrauli
Make up and hair by: Makeup by Supreet Dhillon

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  1. Waw ! this one is great too.. why don't you also try traditional cloths of different countries

  2. Your lehenga is beautiful! I am wondering what year was this am:pm lehenga available? Where did you get it? Thanks! :)



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