Monday, January 16, 2017

Part Un: am:pm for FTLOFAOT Bride

Starting a piece with a disclaimer is never really a good sign because it gives your readers the idea that you are treading carefully and probably playing it a little too safe. However, I would rather save you that precious fifteen minutes that you might spend reading my piece and realising that you did not sign up for this. I have never been the little girl who always dreamt of getting married and what it would be like to. My wedding and fashion posts will take you closer to making smart choices and to remember celebrating the love, above all other things. 
Somewhere along the way, I picked up this really important piece of advice that continues to guide me along. As I write this piece, here in January, nine months away from my wedding, I hear Carrie Bradshaw's voice distinctly ring in my ears. "I let the wedding become bigger than us. I let the wedding become bigger than Big." Before you roll your eyes at the fact that I sometimes pick fictitious characters' heads for life advice, let me give you a moment to really think of all that it stands for. So in this first FTLOFAOT Bride story, in collaboration with the fabulous designers at am:pm by Ankur & Priyanka Modi, we will decode a few style secrets to keeping your wedding and trousseau looks fuss free and eternally stylish.
When I first heard about the first ever festive line by am:pm by Ankur & Priyanka Modi being unveiled, I knew I had wanted it a long time coming. Harmonious, intricate and understated, those are the words I would particularly choose to describe their design aesthetics. The festive line is no different and it is no mean feat for a designer to translate a vision that they hold for their label into the mould of any clothing that they choose to design. Their festive line is for the effortless dresser with a side of adventure. For the understated bride and the brides friends who make that job look easy peezy, yet glamorous. Cutting to the chase, a dresser like me who enjoys the craft of design and yet believes in timeless glamour coupled with a sartorial adventure. The velvet bandhgala with the embroidery and 'mukaish' work and the ivory dhoti pants and the 'bidri' inspired printed cape with the pencil pants make for a the perfect accoutrements to the girl-on-the-go's Indian wardrobe (and incidentally my trousseau). Minimal yet artistic, find me attempting to do justice to these versatile garments in this story.

Photography by: Saumya and Shiva of The Open Art Project
Location c/o: Qla, Mehrauli
Make up and hair by: Makeup by Supreet Dhillon

Stay tuned for Part Deux.



  1. Have been following your blog since some time.. this one is fantastic !

  2. Everything was spot-on perfect at our wedding. And this was due in large part to their manager and the amazing staff. Very professional staff at New York wedding venues, incredible food, spectacular view and when you felt like a guest at your wedding it cannot get any better.

  3. Nice women and great outfit! I like this blog!



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