Sunday, June 2, 2013

Four Seasons' finest red

What is it that makes wine so comfortably good? Is it the fact that drinking wine in moderation is scientifically proven to be good for the heart and body? Or maybe just the comfort of the lingering taste of wine in the mouth..
I am no wine connoisseur but over time and some very interesting wine tasting experiences, I have learned to enjoy and understand wine a lot better. Having visited Hunter Valley in Australia where all the finest Australian wines are made and some interesting wine tastings in and around India, the taste of wine is definitely something I enjoy studying.
My association with Four Seasons goes long back, what with all the wonderful wine events I have attended courtesy them. They sent across their finest red for a review and here is what I thought.
The bottle of Merlot from Four Seasons is definitely one of the better Indian wines I have tasted. Merlot is understood to be the drier and the rougher on the edge kind of red but Merlot from Four Seasons has a soft end which lasts on your palate for a long time. I also thought their Merlot was a tad sweeter than most other wines. Best served at 16-18 degree C, I would suggest a bottle of Merlot from Four Seasons for a fancy, stylish dinner in.
Having associated with Four Seasons for a while now, I sure could tell that their variety of wines is definitely worth a go. The Rose still remains my clear favourite. Also, find them on Facebook for more updates here.

With this very wine-y post, I wish you a very happy weekend. :D


  1. You are one lucky girl! way to enjoy weekend,

  2. Such pretty pictures :P And the cheeeese. <3




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