Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Alice, Wonderland and I

The Red Queen, The White Queen and I. All sat breaking our heads together for what should be a post inspired by a book and a movie we all have loved and cherished.
Would you say I am mad? Maybe, even entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.
And if you were wondering, with my head full of dreams and hair full of glitter, where exactly are we? Welcome to my little tea party, readers.
How is this for my 'muchness'.
And if you have also always wondered why a raven is like a writing desk then maybe it would do you good to shake your head, come out of the tea pot and slay your Jabberwocky.
But if you are still lost and wondering if you have turned up at the wrong hole, then maybe this little piece of advice will be perfect to get you out of the funk:
Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Dress: Dotti (Australia)
The elaborate black and white necklace: C/O Youshine
Golden link bracelet: Colaba causeway (Bombay)
Ankle strap sandals: Forever 21

The Alice Kingsley hair, the fluff and glitter of Wonderland, the smokey eyes of the White Queen and and the pink heart a la the Red Queen. The conceptualization and the styling can be ascribed to me while the photography is my friend Sonal's.
This was a concoction of some of my favourite Alice in Wonderland quotes put together to tell a tale that is best told in my words. :)
And if you're still wondering what it is that I am *cough* consuming these days, well off with their heads, then!



  1. Disco, this one's too, too pretty. Sigh, the dress. I wish I'd clicked this one.

  2. Loved it .... n i bought the forever 21's in black .... birds of a same feather .... want you for another shoot ... tell you the deets soon .... love you my lawyer Alice xx

  3. LOVE the dress! It's gorgeous!

  4. Absolutely love your dress!
    beyond gorgeous :)

    Much Love,
    Modish And Muse

  5. hey....Totally love ur dress...where can i find a similar one in delhi? :)

  6. hey..love ur dress....
    where can i find a similar one in delhi? :)

  7. You are looking like a runway model there.
    Your best look so far in your blogging career.
    And when I say "best look", I mean: the way you have carried yourself, your attitude & body language.

  8. You can find also purses, or smaller purses, and clutches that could match your prom dress. Clutches are little handheld baggage without straps. Shawls and wraps usually are not jackets but match about your shoulders loosely.

  9. Ok....by far, my MOST favorite post that's come out of your hole - word-wise & make-up-wise! I felt like picking up my copy of the Wonderland and start reading it all over again right now! <3

  10. So much of prettiness! You look amazing :)

  11. So much of prettiness! You look beyond amazing :D

  12. I love that dress on you. It's so pwettyy :)

  13. I love that dress on you, it's very pweety :)



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