Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fall 2013 Inventory

The endless pouring over at has been the order of the day. So much so that I have the inventory for my lust list, must haves, shall have if budget allows etc, categorically arranged in separate folders on my desktop. The crazy lady with the obsession with fashion and organizing the lust lists in order of priority. Note to self: keep these looney facts off the blog the next time.
If there were to be a list of five pieces of fall goodies that I could get my hands on the coming fall season, it would have to be these. Straight from my must-haves this Fall folder.

  1. The knee high boots:
Knee high boots are the rage this season. I cannot wait to wear mine with skirts of varying lengths and skinnies jeans. The rule: No skin.

     2.    The coats in candy colors:
The pea coats and trench coats this season get a make over in a delish array of colors. Nobody is happier than I am. Hint: Do it a la Derek Lam, Valentino.

    3.   Plaid love:

Plaid is back. Plaid jackets, skirts, trousers and my favourite, plaid vests for layering. This Rebecca Minkoff Fall piece is high on the trend charts and on my lust list.

    4.   Gold necklace:
The runaway is brimming with pieces of gold jewelry and this Akong piece amongst other such is the perfect indicator for what will rule this Fall. Chunky, blingy and Indian choker inspired. Also lusting and planning to style some Indian inspired, head harness this season.

   5.    Military/olive colored bag:
Olive colored shirts, jackets, boots and bags are the highlight of the Fall color palette. I have my eyes set on this Michael Kors Large Hamilton Saffiano Tote. An oversized sweater, tights, knee high boots and this olive green tote are the ingredients for a classic Fall, fail proof prized look. Are you feeling it?

Are you obsessing over Fall Winter collections as much? What is on your lust list? 



  1. Love how you do fashion.You know what I mean.If not,I mean all coveted trends in one go.

    Olive love is definitely coming in a big way this Fall, I scored a classic olive shirt with studs *happy dance* ^_^

    1. You maketh me happy! :) Thank you, B.
      And hey, the shirt sounds nice! Post soon :)



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