Friday, August 2, 2013

Sabyasachi for PCJ DCW, 2013

I do not believe in sharing press releases of shows that come my way primarily because a fashion show to me, is like watching a movie in a theatre. A large part of the understanding comes from the experience of watching it in size XXL. (in case of a show, live in flesh and glittery blood)
The music, the seats, the angles, the models who carry the designer's hardwork and sweat, all of these are key elements but this one time, I decided to make an exception. Not attending Delhi Couture Week, I have been glued to my smart phone for updates from FDCI, magazines and bloggers alike regarding all the shows. The moment I received the release for Sabyasachi Mukherjee's Opium, I knew this would find a place on my blog. The answer to that particular 'why' is manifold.

  • Playing to your strengths, yet doing it with a twist every time has been Sabyasachi's forte. The strengths that he brings forth every time and did, yet again were the use of Indian elements. This show saw the cross of the aesthetics of the Mughal era combined with the charm of the flapper era, circa the '20s. Sabyasachi brings Gatsby to the Indian bride.
  • The use of French lace and the vintage floral prints in the combination of grey and red and grey and blue. If you have been a follower for a while, you would know that if you give me lace, I am sold. But when its lace adorned with applique work of the finest form on sarees and billowing vouminous skirts, I am sold +1.
  • What is it about the delicate golden embroidery and the pagdis that made the quilted sherwanis for the men work. The answer lies therein. 
  • I did not particularly like the choice of shoes being open-toed clogs, in certain combination of salwar kameez that were truly stunning. The glitter embossed clogs were a bit of a drag in there.
  • The dark eyes and minimal make up along with the sheen of a thousand mirrors on the palettes of ivory, gold, champagne and soft browns and reds, this truly was a Sabyasachi fan's delight.

Some of my favourite looks from the show. Images courtesy: Press release

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Till then,


  1. Aaah! My favorite man in the whole of the fashion world stuns yet again!! And I can see my dear friend, his sister, up there beside him too! :)

  2. Too much. Now you know why I want to get married, raaaaight?



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