Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Colors of Freedom

Every Independence Day I find myself wondering what freedom in that particular year's context really means. And its not a question unheard of. To put things in perspective, what is it that we are today celebrating the freedom of or questioning the lack there of. As we usher in the 65th year of India's independence, here is a penny for my thoughts.
On a micro level, what is that freedom we soak in today? And what is it, that freedom should have ideally meant to us as women in the India of 2013?
The freedom to be treated as equals.
The freedom to wear or not to wear, what we like.
The freedom to feel safe in our skin, akin to our male counterparts.
The freedom to not be judged.
The freedom to make informed choices for ourselves.
The freedom to not feel the need to be validated by the other sex.
The freedom from the shackles of the long lorn inherent patriarchy.
The freedom to be what we have always wanted to be...

Apart from the obvious play of textures I have attempted here with sequins, chiffon and crochet, I have tried to keep the make up and hair circa the '90s. Straight hair parted in the middle with a blanched face, powdered eyes and red lips. The necklace is my independence day fervor inspired piece from Voylla.com. With great customer service, on time delivery and a fine range of jewelry priced reasonably, definitely a must visit, their online store.
Cropped shirt with crochet patches on the shoulder: Street find (Delhi)
Sequined skirt in champagne: Dorothy Perkins
Rose Gold strappy number: Zara
Tricolored necklace: C/O Voylla.com

Till the next post,


  1. Cute. Expect a blog on ur cosme products. Founde, shadows, lips, etc

  2. love the skirt and shirt combo.. very classy

    xx parikrama

  3. Loved your sexy sequined skirt & your nude eye make up with ruby-woo lips.


  4. Loved your sexy skirt and knotted top.. You look great..


  5. Wow loved that and specially theTricolored nlecklace...

  6. Wow loved the look...specially the necklace!

  7. That neck-piece rocks! nice write-up!

  8. That neck-piece rocks! nice write-up!

  9. Super hot skirt and super hot you!
    btw whts wrong with the eyes, lookin so puffed and tired, n ur not wearing make on it too i guess.




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