Monday, June 27, 2016

DVF: Then and now

While Taxi Driver and American Hustle made DVF clothing and the glamour that was its +1 appear almost unattainable, I write this post with the hope that my fashion sensibilities that hardly ever ascribe to set trends and ideas will help you break the mould. 

Ever since I remember having found my bearing, the iconic silk jersey wrap dress by DVF, the fashion label of the erstwhile princess Diane Von Furstenburg; has been on my list of things to possess. You know, that list with items we all collate that we hope to call our own by a certain age. Why, you ask? Because this dress stands for everything that I am and hope to be. It embraces the power that comes with being a woman while at the same time it continues to belong to a league of its own. Pieces of clothing like these do not have a shelf life. They are the shelf. The bold prints usher in the Studio 54 glamour while the ballerina inspired top with just the right amount of d├ęcolletage and cleavage and the fluid skirt bring in the Park Avenue princess feels. Every dress as iconic as the wrap dress has a story to tell and in this case, I believe that the story of Diane going from strength to strength has only further added to the novelty of a piece like this.

Why is it important to know your designer? Can we detach the person that is the artist from their talent and the by product? I truly believe that a part of the artist will always find its way into their skills. I would not shy away from talking about the multitude of achievements under her belt because it inspires confidence for all the women vying to wear a DVF. A woman like herself known for her philanthropical work and undying efforts to honour the female entrepreneurial spirit via her awards is the kind of woman that her designs embody. A woman like the first woman of many a countries, be it Michelle Obama or Kate Middleton who have in the past won many a harsh critics over with individualistic and highly regarded fashion sensibilities. It comes as not the faintest surprise then, that the wrap dress has comfortably incised itself into the Costume Department of Metropolitan Museum of the Modern Art, New York.

The reigns of the creative province might have been bequeathed to Jonathan Saunders this year but like they say, there is always a right time for everything. Here's to hoping for everything iconic that arises from a design process that is incredibly iconoclastic, much like the cherished wrap dress.

Wrap dress: DVF by Diane Von Furstenburg
Large pearl studs and lace socks: Forever 21
Silver block heeled sandals: Bershka
Moss green suitcase bag: C/O Once Upon a Trunk

Photography by: Vinay Singh Tomar Photography

There is no rule to styling your wrap dress. Ever. Remember to head on to Wooplr where I share all my outfits (yes, even those that I find too narcissistic for instagram) and all my fashion inspirations. Better still, head over to Wooplr and browse through the inspirations and outfits of many a fashionable girls across the country and find easy ways to replicate those looks. Word of caution: Get inspired, do not copy. 


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