Wednesday, June 1, 2016

That thing about white

Melbourne Street style took over my internet feed as the Australian Fashion Week attendees stepped out in their Sunday best to attend what we better know as the weeklong fashion 'show and tell'. What you see is what you become. Ergo, this week I decided to work on a story that would serve as an inspiration for most of my readers hopefully for the season to come. That is the thing with street style: you need not have the exact same piece of apparel in the exact same colour, but you can always try and achieve a similar vibe with the pieces that you own. For example, while a particular pair of YSL booties that Kendall Jenner and a few other supermodels love to wear and strut for the shutterbugs in, might not be something that I own, getting the vibe with a pair of black leather wedge booties with black skinnies and muscle tees is still an option for me. Besides, emulating a look only yields best results when you do so by putting your own spin on it. 
I'm working with shades of white to create two looks that I am feeling this season. One is a floaty maxi dresses with lace details at the bottom and sleeves in a shade of ivory. This dress is by the label KharaKapas that takes immense pride in Indian handloom with a twist of modernity. Nothing feels better than pure cotton against your skin in the almost fatal Delhi summer heat but that is no excuse to not dress the look up. I decided to DIY a choker for myself (and this is possibly the only way I could stand out in a sea of chokers appearing everywhere!) made out of jute wrapping string! You heard that right. It gave it an earthy, repurposing fashion feel and definitely made my resolve stronger about choosing investment fashion over fast fashion.The all-white and lace details look is reminiscent of some Jane Birkin french fashion moments but maybe with a slight Indian hip, vagabond twist.
The second look is all white. A white vest with a white linen pair of joggers. Athleisure continues to be a solid hot trend (CUE: Louis Vuitton Cruise, 17 show at Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, Rio) and I am all for giving it a fresh take every time. Chuck your old sneakers for high tops. Add a military jacket and a leather clutch to finish off your look. 
How do you like your whites now?
In another news, the Wooplr Fashion Carnival is on and giving you access to really great fashion clothing steals like no other. All the looks that you see on your favourite stylists and bloggers on Wooplr are now up for grabs at really really great prices. Needless to say, all my looks from the blog and pssssstttt...some secret ones too are always up on Wooplr

Ivory dress: C/O Khara Kapas
Black multi strapped sliders: Forever 21
Embellished hairband: C/O Foojhadi
Choker: DIY
White vest: Mango
White joggers: C/O StalkBuyLove
Military jacket: Chemistry
Yellow clutch: Aldo
High tops: Adidas 

Photography: Click Occasion Photography




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