Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Engineering Glamour with Rimzim Dadu

Every piece of clothing tells a story. Sometimes the story is a perfectly plotted fairytale, with the right amount of punctuations. At other times, the story is at best a nightmare. And at many others, the story comes to life through the channel of its garment and the wearer slips into character as soon as they put it on. Those are the best kind of clothes.
Rimzim's garments tell you that story. Think of a Mozart symphony that found a visual channel. A way to put a song into pictures. A technique to weave the symphony into textile. An idea that translated months of engineering into the finest form of understated beauty.
The surface texturing spell as cast by her clothes are the first thing that pop into your head when you take a moment to feel the garments. As a designer who believes in making her own textiles and redefining fabrics, Rimzim's garments give you a sense of earthy beauty that tease you into putting them on. It then, seemed ideal that we break the mould of 'My Village', her label and cast it in a light as never seen before. A dark palette with a hint of metallic tones and a body language to make you think Dangerous Liaisons in the present day were our essential ingredients for this potent concoction. The emphasis is on the natural sheen of the cording in her clothes, the minimal yet emphatic accessorising and the dramatic tones of the make up complementing the backdrops and props.
This editorial takes storytelling of one kind and uses it to augment the art of storytelling via another medium. Textures in apparel create an alloy with multi-level storytelling. The molten wire crop top and the hand embroidered metallic grey skirt, the handwoven leather trench worn over a 3D appliqué floral vine shirt in black, all lend it a feel of rich, unfailing, exaggerated glamour. 
Thank god for artistic license.

Styled and directed by: Namit Sirohi of Valley of Chic
Co-styled, modelled and story by: Shreya Kalra
Photography by: Aditya Saxena
Make up and hair by: Makeup by Supreet Dhillon
Location courtesy: Odean Social
All garments by: Rimzim Dadu



  1. wow I love this gothy look.


  2. Oh!! Such badass glamour! You are slayin' it, girl! <3

  3. That jacket is fantastic. Love the looks.



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