Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Oh Hey Beautiful! :) Yes, you reading the post. I'm not kidding, I do mean you. Oh you think you're fat? Really, not quite an issue..I still think you're beautiful..I know you're reading in your PJs and wearing your reading glasses, but how can that be a measure of your beauty?
There is no objective definition of beauty which is why when I look at a cactus plant, I might find it beautiful while you might not. Lets not look at cliches for once, lets look at how it works instead. Even if we get together a universal set to answer what beauty means to them, we cannot come up with an exhaustive list. Which is why, beauty is so all inclusive.
I am from the school of thought where there is beauty to be found in everything that exists. You heard me. According to me, beauty is a state of mind. When I want to feel beautiful, I ask people who know me to put down a few things about me which makes them happy..which makes them like me. And that according to me is what makes everybody beautiful. I truly live by the cliche that a thing of beauty is a joy forever.(Damn, cliches are so hard not to use)
I have worked with the disabled. There are people who are born specially abled. There are those who cannot see. Today when I write this, it seems awfully important to share that even if a blind person cannot see a beautiful image of a unicorn, they can still paint a picture of it in their mind. And it might not remotely resemble a unicorn, but they might think its beautiful. Because they relate a unicorn to a happy beautiful feeling. Beauty is indeed a state of mind.
I do not unrealistically preach that things that money can buy cannot be beautiful. Buy me a pair of Louboutins and I will be a happy person. If I look through a Tiffany's window, I do usually exclaim, "damn thats a beauty". It is beautiful to wear beautiful shoes but on a relative basis, I would rather be someone who writes beautifully. And that is a personal choice, probably because the latter gives my endorphins a greater kick than the former can.
Which is why, when I tell you looked beautiful when you smiled at my compliments, I did mean it :)

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  1. I voted!! What a beautiful text dear, haha and it's true clich├ęs are so true... I personally believe that outside beauty can help a lot on your inner beautfy - by which I don't mean how you look, but how you take care of yourself (even small thinks like brushing your teeth twice a day), how you dress (you don't have to wear Chanel to look cute and have a good appearance) etc.



  2. ok I lied a little bit in my other comment - I hadn't voted yet .. but now I wanted to do so and I can't figure out how :s!! HELP :)


  3. Brilliantly written! Wish u all the luck with the contest...I'll do the needful :)


  4. food for thought..well done :)

  5. OMG! I LOVE the post A Lot Like Fashion! :D You are beautiful and so is your heart! <3 Love this one....

  6. i went over to that site and liked your post. it was definitely a beautiful and truthful read.

  7. Wonderful and inspiring!
    I enjoyed the visit, thank you. :)

  8. loved the post!!! I have learnt it a difficult way but seeing yourself from someone else's perspective (people who love you) makes you see the beauty in you :) and makes you appreciate yourself!!!

  9. Done sweets. :)

    Loved reading it.


  10. "The perception of beauty is a moral test."
    Henry David Thoreau

    We frolic around the statement that beauty is skin deep, that people through their bias goggles can be only be so shallow. It's all true and have proven to be.

    But the thing is, beauty is relative (as you've said) and it boils down to the subjective eyes of the onlooker and how, for him, beauty is defined.

    skin care

  11. Thanks for the updates. Am looking forward for more.



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