Friday, July 20, 2012

Another year gone

Another year gone. And its probably that time of the year to reflect on the past and ponder over the present and the future. Its been a hell of a ride which brought with it lots of changes, good and bad. But thats the thing with life, there is always a balance of everything. And even if you don't quite see it initially, when the larger picture begins to take shape, you see that the little obstacles were all a part of the bigger, better plan. As for blogging, my year has been more than satisfactory. I wrote my heart out, dressed up everyday of the year like it was a party and made connections with my readers. What else could I ask for? :D
The birthday this year was more than perfect. Well, every year is. I am one of those starry eyed girls who start striking off dates a month in advance for the birthday. You are really never too old for it. Besides when your family and friends fuss over you and your big day like you're six, you really couldn't ask for more. :)
After an absolute torpedo of a night, the morning after( the birthday morning) warranted some chic-comfortable dressing. This is the look I went with. It spells summer magic for me. The warm yellow, the burst of colors and the nautical striped maxi skirt. What do you think? :)
Wearing: yellow tank: Benetton, Blue and white striped maxi skirt: Forever New, Tasseled sandals: Steve Madden, satchel: ASOS, Bracelets and rings: Assorted, Necklace: Forever New



  1. cute maxi skirt!
    You look adorable :)

  2. looking pretty :)
    love ur neckpiece <3<3

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous and not a day older!


  4. Such a chic outfit !Of course, you have the figure to pull it off ;)

  5. Loved your outfit! Wish you another year full of all that's bright n beautiful!
    New post up- Blue & Yellow- A color combo to try now

  6. That skirt is amazing!


  7. You look so pretty Shreya! Love the pairing of yellow with those adorbs stripes :D



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