Friday, July 13, 2012

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer- Review

I haven't done a product review in a while. Its pure laziness, no excuses. But then the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer came into my life to teach me a lesson. And it did or what! :D I was forced to work on this review tonight because it was too good to not share with you all at the earliest.
I am one of those people who has a problem of dark circles. I can lessen them to an extent by taking good care but always having had some, they never entirely go. I think. Anyway, so I have tried concealers in the past and then Revlon Photo Ready Concealer happened to me. To begin with,
RULE 101 of buying a concealer. Invest in a good concealer. Women use concealers all over the face or body for problem areas but thankfully for me under eye circles are the only real issue for me. Basically, do not buy a concealer just because its a steal. Know what works for you. Research. Read reviews. I'm no beauty expert but brilliant beauty blogs out there are doing their job to educate me about these things. :)
RULE 102 of buying a concealer. I think I did not pay much attention to it the last time but I learned. ALWAYS, buy a shade lighter than your skin tone, especially for under eyes. The reason behind this is that the darkness will only blend in well with your base if its covered by a shade lighter to make up for the pigmentation.
Now that we have that on the table, more about this product.
  • Revlon Photo Ready comes in a roll-on stick form. Convenient to use. Small and compact. 
  • Easy to use. Apply your base foundation over your face. Then dab the roll on under the eyes, over the dark circles. Use your forefinger to blend it in smoothly with the foundation. And you are done!
  • Absolute value for money. It costs about Rs. 760/- and it gives me complete coverage, without the cakey appearance.
  • The stick is 3.2 gms so I would say it would last me a year or more. Not bad, eh?
  • The only backlash is that it contains really fine glitter/glimmer particles. I'm not the biggest fan of glittery concealers but I would let this one slide because they are really fine, not visible from a distance and the product does its job wonderfully! 
I ordered the one in Medium Deep(shade). Take a look.
Any other query that you may have about this product, feel free to get in touch with me. Over all, its an absolute yay for me, for the Revlon Photo Ready Concealer! :)

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  1. Glad to hear a review on this photo ready concealer. It's one of those products I always think about buying but never get around to buying.



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