Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh Corsets!

Remember how I love sharing any new finds, new discoveries, revelations of sartorial importance with my readers? Well, this is one of those posts. If you thought corsets began with the French queen and ended as pieces of inner wear, then think again. When we talk of corsets in the current fashion era, they are as much an outer wear as a piece of inner beauty. A classy corset from this website that I chanced upon, will definitely take an outfit from bleh to wow! My idea of incorporating a classy corset in an outfit is by balancing out the edge of the corset with a well cut blazer and a sexy pair of jeans.
More on that later, but Corset Deal has definitely been an interesting find primarily because of the different styles of corsets that they stock. Following that up on Facebook, its interesting to discover how there are conversations happening on the relevant posts about how to style different kind of corsets. This one particular woman complained of being fat and was wondering whether a particular style would suit her and it was interesting to see that there are prompt answers juggled back and forth by the community and the company! The facebook page is a must check out. I had an interesting time figuring out the different styles of corsets that are designed for different needs and the facebook page raises just as much awareness about the styles as it does about how to wear them on different body types and needs! The retailers have ensured that enough importance is given to every pattern and style of corset with gorgeous corset images that makes it all very hard to resist!
The exciting bit is that they deliver in India and I'm currently eyeing some of theses beauties. What say?
A black brocade corset. Pair it with anything and layer it with a bright jacket.
The gorgeous purple embellished corset under a sheer white shirt is my tip for styling this.
For all those who are looking for that edgy Victorian feel, this steampunk overbust corset is the perfect pick.
Are you guys digging these corsets as much as I am? Tell me!


  1. Ooooh, I totally love. And whats best is that you can couple them with indian outfits as well :D
    Beautiful <3

  2. Hey great post!! Followed u How about u follow me back.:-))

  3. i love corsets... although i havent wore one in a while since my last 3 kids lol. Karen Vida



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