Saturday, July 28, 2012

Color me white, color me bright

The beauty of dressing up for summers will always be, well dressing down. No heavy pea coats, jackets, mufflers and the works. Not that that doesn't work for me. But the fluidity and the feather feel that this season's fabrics are about is what I have truly loved inculcating in my style. The highlight of this outfit is the breathtaking combination of sheer and pastel. Having coveted the 'perfect' mint green shirt for a large part of this season, it was interesting how nothing at the high end stores made the cut. Either it was too green, or too minty, or not so sheer or just not the right cut. Having given up the hope of finding the perfect mint green (mint green a la Kim Kardashian blazer mint green!) it finally struck me to do it the old school way. Having a best friend who runs a boutique has its advantages. One of them includes getting your perfect sheer white shirt replicated in the perfect mint green color. I couldn't have been more pleased. The other aspects of the outfit, they speak for themselves. Be it the serene combination of the mint green shirt with my newly acquired white zara pants with the beautiful zip detailing or the element of chunky bling around the neck and the coral feathered shoes.
One of my definite favourites for Spring-Summer 2012. What are your thoughts?

Sheer mint green shirt- Tailored by best friend S, White pants with zip detailing- Zara, Necklace- Forever New, Stacked bracelets- All over, Green ring- vintage find, Coral pumps with feathered detailing- ASOS



  1. I'm speechless. Literally :-0 You look amazing!


  2. You look so stunning! love the pairing of white pants with mint summery!

  3. I love your neckpiece , it is stunning
    Also those heels <3
    you look so pretty with this combination!

    Much Love,

    1. Thanks a ton Suniti! :)
      Welcome to FTLOFAOT, btw :) I'm now a fan of your blog! :D

  4. Way to go girl! Love the top. Its a lottery to find a tailor who can stitch latest designs for u

    1. Thanks NS! :) And I know right? I was so glad I could get my best friend to get it done for me :)

  5. I love how you wore the top. The mint looks great on you, that necklace is stunning in itself and the shoes are pretty too!


    New post is up!

  6. loved it..everything..the coral booties, white pants and of course mint green shirt !

  7. Love the entire outfit.!!
    5th picture ..ambika anand ❤
    Where's this awesome boutique btw? You have to give me the address ��

    1. Thank you so much Medha! :) Where have you been? Absolutely off facebook? And I've heard that Ambika Anand comparison before but I somehow can't figure how I resemble her :D
      This is a boutique run by a friend, she usually doesn't do these but she got her tailors to do this one for me. So let me know if you wanna get in touch with her :)

  8. Such beautiful colors on a such a beautiful girl :) <3 :* I love how you team up these bright colors. You have a fashion sense to die for.



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