Friday, July 6, 2012

Living Out of a suitcase

I have been living out of a suitcase for almost a month now. Some trips planned and some not so planned. Some events anticipated and some not so much. But this isn't really news that we learn to take the bad with the good. The agony with the joy. And while I have been on the end of my nerves a lot off late, I have been keeping my calm by indulging in some good old retail therapy. The Sale fever has hit almost everyone I know of but I think I'm going to stick to scanning websites while the fever lasts. The crazed out war-like sales just aren't for me. I'm not a chip of the old block like that. :)
Moving on, living out of a suitcase comes with its pros and cons. For almost 4 days, I was living in combinations I never thought I would wear. Accessorizing outfits in ways I wouldn't normally. Because for as long as I can avoid it, I do not enjoy wearing the exact same outfit in the identical way again. Same pieces yes, but with tweaked combinations. So since my last leg of the trip was absolutely unplanned and while the suitcase definitely posed constraints for playing dress up, I think the stylist in me did half well with living out of what I had. What do you think? :)
 Wearing: White tee: DKNY, Zebra printed skirt: Zara, Coral booties: Shoe boutique (Bangalore), Neon pink belt: Kazo, Victorian-tribal necklace with hanging chains in bronze: Fab Alley.
Have you checked out Fab Alley, ladies? It is truly the Indian online shopping coming of age. If the variety of goodies wasn't enough, the delivery and prices just get you hooked!
Till the next time,


  1. Oh my goodness, you're stunning!

  2. Love ur style with international trend, its feelin chic to visit ur post, nice blog.

  3. Girl, you look so cute and lovely here. The stylist in you definitely pulled out the trump card, considering the circumstances.

    Love, Miffalicious. []

  4. I loveee the coral booties :D And yes, the title says it all. You look absolutely adorable.


  5. I am loving that skirt...loved the coral booties last time too..nicee :)

  6. You look user chic and cute :)




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