Monday, July 9, 2012

Women and Drama (The beginning of a series)

This is not one of those conundrums which can be solved with a formula. Sure, a2 + b2= c2  but Pythagoras also married a woman and went on to produce three daughters but we are quite sure he was nowhere close to understanding his interactions with them. Think of it this way, we could write epics day in and day out to understand how women think and react but we would not be any closer to understanding. Often in that quagmire of where to turn when drama hits the fan? You know you've come to the right place.
Women love drama. How is it that you hear women crib endlessly about how much they hate drama in their lives and the next moment they would sit and talk about it to yet another person and it would give you the sense of feeling that they quite enjoy it. I will tell you how it is not a hypocritical stance. Women love drama because of the immense emotional value attached to it. When a woman is confronted with a sticky situation, it sparks off emotions of angst and turmoil in her. It most often than not, leads to tears. Yes, crying in the bathroom alone with the water running also counts. Crying while talking to a friend on the phone, crying while being force fed some chocolate by the best friend, all those forms. Now the lighter side to all that drama and tears is that social construct we live in has made us believe that women and drama is a recipe for a potboiler of a movie! I once knew a girl( ok make that girls) who could create drama out of the slightest of the issues. “I mean sure, its no nuclear war but I did just break a nail”. I also knew a billion others who thought changing their facebook status to ‘in a relationship’ and ‘out of a relationship’ every third day qualified as drama in their lives which was worthy of being covered by the BBC!
We are the generation of women that only has time to be busy. Ironical as that is, these are the women who are out there in the world, doing a multitude of jobs, being a part of a variety of relationships, trying to pursue all kinds of interests and just looking for only that bit of extra attention from the drama. This is a generation of women that has been fed on protagonists like Andie Sachs from Devil Wears Prada, Simran from DDLJ, Anjali from KKHH, Margaret from The Proposal, Thelma and Louise, Romie and Michelle and not to forget Holly from P.S.: I love You. The first instinct of the crazed woman in the crime scene will still be to wish there was a background score to her life. They relate to these protagonists because the drama is like living a scene out of a movie, in this case a movie of their own little chick flick. Its comforting and even if the world doesn’t get it, the drama shall continue. 
And then when you see all the beautiful women in the world shed a tear and regain their composure when Liz finally finds love and peace with Felipe in Eat Pray Love, you know all is well with the world. :)


  1. I already have developed a liking for this series. Can't wait to read what's in store next.

    Women! :D


  2. I so agree, we are the generation of busy women and drama is the fuel that ignites the car... but i guess that without it, life would be a little mundane...

    More more more!

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  3. Aww… love the post :) so refreshing :)


  4. You should definitely write more. I love it! Women and drama do go together!



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