Sunday, September 19, 2010

Red Gladiators-thats what its about

Hello people!
At the very onset, I'm extremely apologetic about not having updated my blog for the last couple of days. I have been debating at a national tournament, day in and day out. Needless to say, I miss blogging and all that I do with it :)Its my first attempt at an outfit post, unlike most my international blogging friends and I would really like some feedback on this. This picture is from Friday when I went dancing with my girlfriends to a club and it was INSANE to say the least! This was my entire look and I loved it :D As my tradition goes, I shall begin with my classic shoe shot where I'm wearing red, velvet gladiator heels and LOVING sporting that look. Check it out :)
My favourite red heels:)

This is a picture of me trying to click a picture of my reflection in the mirror. I like the way its come out. I teamed up a low back grey tunic with black translucent tights, thin high-rise red belt, red clutch, red gladiator heels and a big golden satin bow with rhinestones on the head. Also notice, my new rose earrings:)
Tell me what you think :)
I kind of like the shot :)

So I'm  fond of quirky pictures, don't judge me :D
With this I shall take your leave, get my beauty sleep. Another big day at the debate tournament tomorrow. Wish me luck and tell me how you like my post :)
Goodnight all you beautiful people all across the galaxy :)


  1. Great shoes!!! Love the colour, and the bow in your hair is so cute :)

    Xo Chelle

  2. Those shoes are stunning, darling!
    You look amazing!


  3. VERY VERY cool them!!

    Have a Fantastic Weekend!!!
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  4. For the Love of Fashion and Other Things:
    Loving the look :)
    Absolutely GORGEOUS shoes :)
    In fact, I love the whole look.

    P.S. The bow looks super cute on you. :)

  5. amazing shoes! i'm following you :)

  6. What a clever way of accessorizing the ourfit and the look!! Love those shoes, very very chic!

    You look a million dollars there darl!
    xoxo always!

  7. Really like your look: where the clothes are toned down, you have smartly accessorised them with beautiful red gladiators, the bow & the sneaky belt! Thumbs up on that one!!! !!!

  8. Cute outfit!

  9. Love the shoes babe !!! And not to miss d hot nail paint ..... !!!

  10. Such stunning shoes! You look great. Hope you had a great weekend...

  11. Love the red shoes, so gorgeous! And cute with the bow in your hair :D

  12. @Chelle: Thanks :)Loving your blog! :)
    @Carrie: Thanks so much Carrie! :)
    @Collette: Thanks! :) Hope you had a good weekend too ;)
    @Ankita: Thanks! :) Love the bow the best ;)
    @Diana: Thanks so much! :) Means a lot!
    @Di: Thanks so much! :) You shall get the blue ones;)
    @Sweety di: Thank you so much! :) Glad you're so regular on my blog!:)
    @T: Thanks :) Great blog! follow mine for more :)
    @Gunjan di: Thanks a lot! :) I'm glad you like that bright orange too ;)
    @Prathistha: Thanks so much! :) I had a great weekend. Hope yours was as fab ;)
    @Delance Fashion: Thanks a lot! :) Lovin' your blog!
    @Republic of fashion: Thanks Sarah :) Lovely blog. Follow mine for more from me :)

  13. Love these shoes:) Red shoes somehow always have the special je ne sais quoi;)


  14. @Mia: Thanks so much, you! :) I can't not love red shoes :D
    @Popdisorder: Thank you so much! :) Follow my blog for more

  15. i love your shoes and the bow is so cute on you!! great outfit post!

    come check out my giveaway!


  16. Oh, you will stop traffic with those red gladiators.


  17. @Zarna: Thanks so much! :D And I already left a comment on the giveaway! Its great :)
    @Lee: Haha! I'm hoping thats a good thing :D

  18. Hei I have the same heels like you, but mine is black
    btw, the red is so stunning. I like them :)

    P.S : please follow me if you like, and I'll follow you back

    Natalie's blog

  19. @Natalie: Thanks so much! Black must be hot too :) Lovely blog, btw! :)
    @Clara: Thanks so much! :) Follow my blog for more :)

  20. @Karoline: Thank you so much! :) Lovin' your blog, btw! :)

  21. Super cute those shoes are adorable! Looking forward to future post!

  22. @BlueVanilla: Thanks so much! :) Left comments on your blog :) XX

  23. @Emma: Thanks a lot Emma! :) Lovin' your blog! Follow mine for more :)

  24. Those are an awesome pair of shoes!!! Love them and you look hot in them!!!

  25. heyy thnkx for dropping by ma blog:)
    i totally *heart* those red heels..
    sure u can do a post on ma wrk, i will b glad:))

  26. @Tanvi: Thanks so much Tanvi! :) Follow the blog for more :) Lovin' yours!
    @Arti: Thanks so much! :) Follow the blog for more :) XX

  27. Nice look! I like the red accents!

    xx Marije

  28. @Marije: Thanks so much! :) Love your blog! :)
    Follow mine for more! XX

  29. Hello There! How u doing?

    Great post! Great red shoes!

    Love Heels?

    I really think that you will enjoy viewing my shoe designing BlogSpot! All my designs are hand-drawn too! I Hope that my illustrations will help me get a step into the shoe designing industry! Let me know your opinion? Take care x

  30. @Louboutininthemaking: Thanks so much :) LOVED your blog, left comments in the form of feedback :) Follow my blog for more :)

  31. I love thosse shoes! Actually, the entire outfit. You look stunning. =o)

    Lovely blog.

  32. Thank you so much! :) Follow my blog for more :)

  33. loved those hot pair of shoes !!!
    lusting over them now.... !!!

  34. Love the whole look....u look very chic and ofcourse not to miss....those awesome AWESOME shoes!!!!Where did u buy it from....M also from Delhi and I want them too!!! ^_^

    Chk out my blog too...hope you would like it :))




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